The Sheds and Deads Continue to Pile Up

Posted by Scott Mensing | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Well, I figure I'd better update the blog, otherwise I'm going to have one heck of a long post once shed season ends!  During the past couple of weeks, Bo and I have been traversing the ridges and valleys of multiple states in search sign that our hit listers made it through the season.  After wearing down the soles of our boots, dealing with aching muscles, and going through a bottle of Ibuprofen, we founds sheds, both big and small, and unfortunately a few dead heads, some natural, some poached.

Here are a few sheds that we've found along the way..... nothing super huge, but definitely a couple to get the blood pumping in anticipation for September to come along.  On our first trip to a new Kansas property that we'd previously only stepped foot one once, this 67 inch massive 4 point awaited us less than 10 minutes out of the truck.

If you look close, you can see another shed laying under the tree.  We thought it was a match....but nope, just another shooter buck!

After a little bit of walking, Bo found his match about 300 yards away laying on a south facing slope.

This buck definitely has some great tine length.  Based on mass, we'd assume this buck to be a 3.5 year old.  We're definitely pumped to start running cameras on this property in a few months!

Here are a few more ATL's of some of the sheds that we've found in the past couple of weeks.

Like I mentioned.....this is going to be a LONG post....  In addition to the freshies, we unfortunately found a few that were still attached to their heads.  We did end up finding one of our target bucks from this past season dead in Kansas.  We had nicknamed him the Great 8.  Turns out that our neighbor who we're good friends with had shot this buck during rifle season but could not find any blood.  After quite awhile of searching, they figured it was a clean miss.  Fortunately we'll be able to return his trophy back to him this weekend!

In addition to the Great 8, we also lost Hannibal this past fall.  We were getting fairly consistent pics of this buck up until early October and then he disappeared - guess we know why.  Not sure how he died, but just sucks we lost one member of the A-Team.

And a few more deadheads....

We probably only have another couple random shed hunting trips left in us and then it will be time to chase turkeys.  We've had our best shed season by far and definitely have a few bucks to look forward to this coming fall!

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  1. Not so great on the dead bucks, but congrats on finding the sheds.

    I think the boys (and Goose) and I are going to wrap up our shed hunting season this evening. We've got about another mile or so of creek that I want to walk out, and then we are going to move on to spring events.

    We've been having great luck with the crappie already, and we're seeing lots of turkeys.

    We're up to 18 sheds at this point.

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