One Final Shed Hunt

Posted by Scott Mensing | Posted in | Posted on Friday, April 01, 2011

Our plans for this past weekend included a couple last minute, quick, shed hunts, scouting a couple of new properties, and building cedar blinds for the upcoming Kansas turkey season.  Unfortunately, the heaven's opened up and we were greeted with sleet/hail first thing in the morning.  After getting pelted with sleet for over 30 minutes, it got worse......20 mph winds and rain.  But we kept on!

Our primary goal was to shed hunt our main property in Kansas, which is typically covered in 60+ acres of CRP.  The farmer decided to burn the CRP late in the week so we rushed down as quickly as we could with anticipation of picking up dozens of sheds.....unfortunately it looks like someone may have beat us to the punch.  After fighting all of the rain and mud, we came away with ONE shed.....ONE!!  Pretty hard to believe that we would only find one dink in all of that CRP.

After visiting with our neighbors to the north over a few cups of Lee's fine "hobo coffee" and attempting to some what dry our rain soaked clothes, we moved on to scout a few new properties that we recently acquired hunting permission on.  Having only scouted these properties with aerials, we really did not have much for expectations, but in Kansas you just never know when you might find a little honey hole or two.  The first property looked good and offered up a couple potential stand sites that should produce this fall.  But as we were walking a tiny grass waterway in the middle of an 80 acre corn field, we ended up picking up three sheds (one freshie) and then a fourth not 50 yards away.  Unfortunately with the rain we only captured pictures of one shed, the only freshie we found, as it lay in a cut corn field.  I'm awfully proud of this shed though as it's the first shed I have ever found in a corn field!

As we arrived at the next property, we were greated to 80 acres of cut beans, two small grass waterways, and maybe three trees.  Bo and I kind of looked at each other and laughed, but got out of the truck and started walking.  Maybe 100 yards from the truck, tucked away in a small waterway, I stepped on a shed.  Yep, I actually stepped on a shed!!  And what's worse.....I looked behind me and there lay another shed that I walked with a foot the heck does that happen!  They were both year old sheds and from different deer.  Hard to believe that there were two sheds from different deer out there in the middle of nowhere!

Our last find of the day is one of the best we have ever had.  Here we are, walking along the edge of a tiny grass waterway, and Bo is on the field side.  He just happens to look down at the field, stops, looks at me, and looks down again.  There lay exposed about three inches of a shed.  I have no clue how in the heck he saw that in a cut bean field!  Freaking eagle eyes!!  Unfortunately a disc had taken off a portion of the main beam, but it was still a decent sized shed and a great find.

So with turkey season opening up in Kansas today, our shed season is done.  As we mentioned we may find a few here and there while chasing gobblers, but we're done putting miles on our boots.....until next year.  I believe as a total we ended up with somewhere near 40 sheds and a few deads.  Definitely a successful year!

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