20 Hours and Still Counting...

Posted by Scott Mensing | Posted in , | Posted on Monday, February 15, 2010

I am really starting to rethink this shed hunting thing... I have been able to get out and walk for 20 hours since Friday and haven't found anything, except trespassers, thieves and my first armadillo. Friday, I walked a property that usually doesn't start producing sheds until March for seven hours and came home empty handed. I was able to pull a couple of stands though so the day wasn't a total loss. But I still figured I would at least find a couple early drops, but to no avail.

On Saturday, Michelle and I took the dogs down to our Kansas lease for a little exercise and shed hunting. This property usually always produces a shed or two on each trip, but not this time. Michelle and I walked four hours and only found a dead armadillo. After not finding any bone, even more problems... Bo and I have had one of our Bushnell trail cameras untouched on that property for three months. But when I went to pull the SD card with possibly hundreds of videos.....there was no SD card to pull. Our only guess is that someone decided to trespass on the property looking for sheds and didn't like getting their picture taken. At least they were nice enough to leave the camera though...

On Sunday, we got out for a couple of hours to shed hunt another Missouri property only to find out that a Bushnell trail camera that was just hung on Friday had been stolen. Some low life crossed three different property lines to get the camera as we were able to follow footprints across the entire property to where they jumped the fence to get back to their house. It's really amazing how people just don't respect other people's properties or possessions.

And today, I walked another property for a couple hours and saw the most deer sign I have ever seen on a single property. We didn't find any sheds, but the sign is very promising for the upcoming season. I ended up seeing approximately 200 different deer beds, one herd of 25 deer, another herd of five, and another of 35 deer. Each of the herds were on completely different corners of the property. But we did see a couple different bucks in those groups that were still carrying both sides. So we're going to wait and let the snow melt and then get back out there and see what we can find.

So after 20 hours of walking, a stolen SD card, a stolen trail cam and no sheds, I think I may be hanging up my boots for a couple weeks to wait for the majority of the bucks to drop their antlers and also allow my legs some time to recover. What a frustrating weekend......I sure hope my next post to MB is in a much more positive manner than this one.

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