Another Set of Bushnell Pics

Posted by Scott Mensing | Posted in , | Posted on Friday, February 19, 2010

These Bushnell Trophy Cams are great!!! ....maybe that's why people are stealing them from our properties..... But Bo and I hung a couple cameras on a new property we really didn't get a chance to hunt during the last couple of weeks of season and I really wish we would have taken advantage of the property during the season. I had the cameras out for 10 on video and a trail and the other on 100 lbs of corn and snap shot mode. The camera on the corn filled up a 1GB card in three days.....that's nearly 1000 pictures in three days!! I would say only 10% of the pictures did not include an animal, which is a great percentage. The camera on video mode also filled a 1GB card but in 8 days and had nearly 90 videos and the same deer success rate. This property is only 80 acres but the deer sure seem to travel through it! I was hoping to get a few pictures of turkeys on the cameras but I'm guessing they were just down in the fields instead of the ridges where the deer were. Next season is going to be a lot of fun out there! Here are a few of the pictures off of my newest Bushnell.

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  1. Nice pictures!

    Chad Searcey

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