Midwest Bowhunter Press Release (First Ever!)

Posted by Scott Mensing | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On May 20th, Bo and I got an email that we had been waiting on for a long time now. Back in April, Bo and I compiled a 10 minute audition DVD from two years worth of film to send into the Midwest Whitetail crew. I had seen a request for pro staffers on their website a few months ago and figured what the heck, might as well give it a shot. Once Bo and I knew that we were going to put together an actual audition DVD, we filmed EVERYTHING. We worked extremely hard to lay down some decent footage while shed hunting, scouting new properties, and turkey hunting. We had good footage from the past couple of years, but wanted to improve our skills as much as we could to help with the audition DVD. Our primary goal of filming isn't necessarily the harvest, it's the story leading up to the shot. We filmed anything and everything that you could possibly imagine. Even if we would only use a few seconds of the shot, many times it made a world of difference in the story line.

But back to the email ..... I guess all of our hard work finally paid off as the email was from Scott Prucha, one of the producers of Midwest Whitetail saying we have been chosen to be regular Pro Staff members for the Midwest Whitetail Great Plains show! Being "regular" Pro Staff members means Bo and I will now appear regularly on the show, which airs a new episode online every couple of weeks.

The following is an excerpt off of Midwest Whitetail's website (http://www.midwestwhitetail.com/) detailing what Midwest Whitetail is all about.

About Midwest Whitetail

Midwest Whitetail is first and foremost a semi-live on-line hunting show. You can only watch Midwest Whitetail on the internet, and unlike television, we produce the show during the season - as close to live as possible. You can watch the shows only a day or two after the hunts occur. This format permits us to talk about timely issues such as changing weather patterns, current deer behavior, strategies to employ in the near future, etc. We try to take advantage of this semi-live format to help you stay one step ahead of the deer you are hunting and to introduce new products.

All the content on the site is free of charge, paid for by the sponsors. So please support them as best you can.

The 2008-2009 hunting season is over, but you can go back and watch the entire season if you like. We also produced three shed antler hunting shows and some additional videos to keep you entertained during the off-season. Join our e-mail reminder list if you want me to send you an e-mail when news shows are available on the site.

This year we will be featuring ten separate shows on MidwestWhitetail.com. We'll have the main show, same as last year, plus separate semi-live shows for Michigan, Wisconsin, Northeastern U.S., Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri/Kansas. It is an ambitious plan and it is working.

There are also video tips, product reviews and articles on the site. Please spend a little time and check these out, as well. We will be adding new articles regularly.
Please enjoy Midwest Whitetail.

The creator of Midwest Whitetail, Bill Winke, is a household name in the hunting industry. Bill has spent many, many years successfully writing about and chasing whitetails. He, and the rest of the Midwest Whitetail team, will be able to provide Bo and I with a plethora of knowledge on hunting and filming whitetails - it's going to be great working with these guys on a daily basis.

Also, we now officially have sponsers that we need to help support the site and keep it going. Midwest Whitetail is sponsered by Hoyt, Realtree, Muddy, Nikon, Fuse, and Trophy Ridge. Bo and I all ready have a lot of equipment from these manufacturers, but there will be a few pieces that each of us will need to pick up to give them our full support (especially since they are supporting us!). These are all top of the line products so we will not have any issues with getting some new accessories to play around with in the field.

Again, Bo and I want to thank everyone that regularly visits our blog and keeps tabs on us during the hunting seasons. We still need to discuss the details of the blog with Bill and Scott, but hopefully we'll be able to keep you updated on here with stories and pictures, but you will also be able to follow our season via actual footage with only a two or three week delay on the Midwest Whitetail site. We are extremely excited for the possibilities this opportunity will offer. Hopefully the whitetails will cooperate like they did this past year and we can have another successful year.

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  1. Big Congrats to you and Bo!!!! I know it makes all the hard work you guys do and the sacrafices your families make that much sweeter. Keep up the great work!!! Hope to join you guys on a hunt or two before you become stars and I cannot afford you as guides!!!

  2. SWEET! Great work guys! Any chance we can get a look at your audition DVD?!


  3. Yeah, that's something we could do! It may be a few days before I can get the time to do it, but I'll get it uploaded to YouTube and embed a link to it on the blog.

  4. look out bill jordan... there are some new law dawgs in town!-sewell

  5. Thats awesome, im from missouri too and i put in an audition dvd and we are officially developmental pro staff members, we are 17 years old :)

  6. Congrats on being selected to the Midwest Whitetail developmental prostaff. Shoot me an email when you get a chance at smensingkc@gmail.com. If you live anywhere close to KCMO, we'll have to get together some day for a team whitetail hunt! Best of luck this season.

  7. i will email you,


  8. I had to come back to this and read it again guys! I'm REALLY pumped for you two! I can't wait to talk with you about this more in person sometime soon!


  9. Congrats guys! Looking forward to seeing you on Midwest whitetail this summer!

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