A New Property Means New Bucks

Posted by Scott Mensing | Posted in , | Posted on Sunday, July 04, 2010

Bo and I are fortunate enough to have a couple new properties to archery hunt this year.  All of which just happen to be within 15 minutes of both of our homes, so we'll be spending quite a bit of time on each of the properties over the course of the season.  But as we all know, running trail cams on a brand new piece of land is exciting......you just never know what to expect!  Our main goal is to simply get a glimpse of the herds.  In the coming months, we will move cameras around to help give us some insight on stand placements, but for now, we're having a great time just getting an idea on the type of deer we can expect to see during season.

Well on one of the properties that is actually only a couple of miles for each of our houses, the first card pull only yielded does.  But the second card pull was MUCH different.  Between the two cameras, we ended up getting pictures of at least 10 different bucks in four days, most of which were two years old and older.  Out of the nearly 200 pictures, we got two potential target bucks for the upcoming season.  The first buck has been named "Right Hook" due to the hook on his brow time and the second buck is currently unnamed (but if he keeps growing, he'll get named awfully quick!).

Right Hook definitely likes the camera.  We got multiple pics each day and night of this buck.  Hopefully he will stick to his daylight movements into September and we can get a really close look at him on stand.  He looks to have good length and mass for this early in the season.

The unnamed buck showed up the evening prior to us pulling the card so hopefully he is continuing to visit the lick and we'll have some better pictures of him on the next pull.  We only got one picture of him straight on.  All of the other pictures he had his head buried into the lick!

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  1. keep up the good work!!! filmed some nice bucks last night, have you watched my video that i posted last week?

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