2010 Journal Entry #1

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When Bo and I first started up the blog earlier this year, we really intended it to be a journal of our on going hunting experiences.  We have certainly put a lot of time in the woods hunting and preparing for the different hunting seasons, that we figured we might as well share it with friends and family and keep a living journal of our experiences that we can look back on year after year to help us learn from what we've seen and done in past years.  

It's pretty amazing to think how much has changed for us in the past nine months.  We have been selected to be on Midwest Whitetail, we have learned more about cinematography and cameras than we ever though possible, and we are now be approached by companies asking us to use their products. Pretty overwhelming for a couple of guys that simply want to document how they hunt! 

So with the official start to the 2010 Missouri archery season, here is the first official journal entry for this year's whitetail season!  We hope to add a post every week where we'll discuss what we've seen, what we haven't seen, where we're hunting, etc.

This past week found Bo and I trying to work with the weather and schedules to find some time to get into the tree.  We both took off of work on Wednesday to hunt the opener.  Wednesday morning came with high anticipations of getting a shot at Mr. T.  We setup on a ridge/fence line with a standing corn field on one side and an acorn paradise on the other.  It literally sounded like it was raining when we first got into stand.  The white acorn crop in this area is a bumper crop to say the least.  But unfortunately the sound of raining acorns turned into the sound of actual rain and we were forced out of the stand by 30+ mph gusts and heavy rain.  What a great way to start the season!  We had planned on hunting the afternoon, but unforunately the untimely death of a close friend quickly moved hunting to the back burner for a while.

On early Sunday morning, my entire house was awoken in the middle of the night by one incredible storm that produced hail, lightning, 80+ mph winds, and heavy rain.  Thankfully the storm ended nearly as fast as it came in and the skys had cleared by the time we left for the stand that morning.  We had high hopes for a lot of deer movement due to the storm that came through, but unfortunately the deer had decided to feed before first light, as noticed by the large amounts of fresh tracks in the picked corn field.  The afternoon sit was pretty much a copy of that morning.  Only one lone doe decided to come to the corn field we were sitting on.  The movement was definitely hampered by the warm temperatures, east winds, and full moon.

We have started to notice a lot of rubs are popping up and scrapes are forming along field edges.  Just yesterday we found a new rub on an old cedar that is over 12" in diameter.  I have a feeling this marking belongs to First Pull, but we'll check the camera in a week or so to see.  This week we are also going to try to hit one of our new properties.  This property is home to a bean field that was planted very late and is still very green.  I believe the last time we were out there a week ago, there was no signs of yellowing yet.  So if that field is still green, you can bet those deer will be hitting it hard.  And then this weekend is finally our Kansas opener.  We've been waiting for this day for quite a while.  A lot of hard work has gone into new stand positions and new food plots.  Hopefully all of our hard work will be rewarded this weekend!

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  1. Good lucky boys, i wish you the best of luck in the ks opener! I get to have the hoyt in my hands this weekend for the first time so we'll see if we can put another one on the ground!!!

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