Doe Patrol

Posted by Scott Mensing | Posted in | Posted on Monday, October 04, 2010

Thanks to a strong cold front late last week, our 2010 season got a good jump start this past weekend.  We had put in A LOT of stand time and just were not seeing any deer movement the past couple of weeks.  The deer that we were seeing, were moving late and no mature bucks were seen.  Not sure if this was due to the full moon, the current crop harvest situation, the warmer temps, etc., but we (mainly me) were getting pretty frustrated with the lack of movement.

On Saturday evening, Michelle (my wife) and I climbed into a new stand on a farm we had never hunted before.  Bo and I had spent maybe an hour or two walking this property a few weeks earlier and found a couple of old tree stands that were still in decent condition.  The deer sign was also some of the best we had seen yet this year.  The trails were numerous, wide, and VERY heavily used.  As Michelle and I were making our way to the stand, three does stood up from directly below the stand and ran off.  That right there was the most deer I had seen while hunting all year!  As we got the second stand hung and the camera positioned, another doe started making her way towards us, only to disappear in a patch of CRP.  But we finally got situated in the stand and not 20 minutes after getting set up, I noticed three does feeding through the timber below us.  The stand we were sitting in was on a steep ridge overlooking a bottom area that abuts up to a couple of CRP fields (aka bedding areas!).  The three does were joined by another, larger doe that came in from the opposite direction.  As they met, they decided to walk directly towards us.  I let the three younger does pass my only shooting lane on that trail, but once the last and biggest doe entered the lane, the Maxxis got it's first taste of venion! 

I still had a buck tag and another doe tag in my pocket so I hoped that we could double up since the first doe was shot at 5:30.  As we sat there, we could hear deer all around us, but had a hard time seeing them due to the heavy vegetation.  But at about 6:00, another yearling doe made her way up from the CRP and came to within 5 yards of us.  This doe didn't have a care in the world, other than eating all of the acorns around us.  She sat there for easily 20 minutes and just wouldn't leave us alone.  I really wanted to put a tag on her, but you just can't shoot the babies when your wife is behind the camera! 

All in all, we saw 12 deer that night, but with light finally fading, we got down and started on the blood trail, which was poor to say the least.  I got pretty discouraged and gave Bo a call to help with the tracking.  The track job went slow, but not 80 yards from the shot, we found her piled up, just into the CRP field she came from.  What a relief!!!  The first deer of our season was finally on the ground!!

The next morning we woke up to 35 degree temps, a clear sky, and light winds - the absolutely perfect bowhunters forecast!  As Bo and I climbed into the stand, we immediately had deer on us.  The first deer to appear from the darkness as the sun crested the horizon was a small basket rack buck.  Shortly after he left, we were visted by a group of turkeys, that unfortunately they never appeared from the dense undergrowth behind us to offer up a shot.  But after not more than 45 minutes in the stand, Bo noticed four does coming towards us and feeding on acorns the entire way.  I had one big tree in my way and couldn't get much footage of the does coming in, but once that lead doe stepped into the shooting lane, Bo released a perfect arrow.  As the other three ran off, Bo pulled out the brand new VECtor Doe Grunter and successfully called all three of does back.  However, they just would not present a shot opportunity that worked for both Bo and myself so they got a free pass that morning.  We'll do a write up here in a couple of days showing this new call (and the sweet call Bo had Vince make me for my birthday), but it looks and sounds amazing.  Vince definitely impressed us with this one!   But back to the doe, as I mentioned, Bo's shot was perfect, the Steelhead XL flew true and had actually cut the doe's heart in half.  Needless to say, the track job was short and easy to follow.  Neither of us had seen a blood trail like this and she died within 25 yards of the shot.  That's how we like it to happen! 

All in all, we couldn't have asked for a better weekend.  We both were able to get the monkey's off of our back for the year and we were able to partially fill our freezers.  We're thinking that both harvests will air this Thursday on Midwest Whitetail ( so please check out the website and take a look!

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  1. That was a lot of fun!

  2. sweet, i almost shot a doe that night too! bo was texting me, and the does came in down wind, so mad lol! was a great weekend for us! saw some new scrapes huge rubs and some bucks fighting!

  3. Congrats guys, good stuff!

  4. NICE WORK GUYS! My oldest son scored his first deer with a bow Sunday morning too! We can't wait to join you guys in the field this month!


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