The "Anniversary" Buck

Posted by Bo Parker | Posted in , | Posted on Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I just thought that I'd drop in and post a couple of pics of a potential hit list buck. He's called "Anniversary" because 6/20 is my wedding anniversary and that is when I pulled the card. These pics are in the food plot on the property that we live on. I wasn't even planning on checking the camera because I just put it out last Wednesday, but I had a busted bag of corn that needed to go. So, I shoveled it up and drove it down on the 4 wheeler to dump in front of the cam. I already had 18 pics on the new lick and this buck was in two of them. He's, without a doubt, the best looking deer that we've seen on our place (only lived there a year), but I'm not sure if he'll make the hit list or not. We need a few more pics to determine his age. 9 points by June 19 isn't too bad though!

Sarah, my wife, has laid claim to him. I hope she gets him! She has the thumbs up on any buck, regardless of age since she hasn't taken one yet. If he's of age and Scott or I see him before Sarah does... Well, I just hope that she doesn't kick me to the barn!

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  1. That's a good buck right there! He should be really easy to spot from the stand with that huge gap between his G3 and G4 on his right side. But man, with 45 days of growing left, he should be able to pack on the inches!

  2. That gap reminds me of our KS bucks. I hope he does pile on a bunch more before the season. He looks pretty skinny from the front, but that can be deceptive this time of year. Hopefully we'll get some more pics of him on the next card pull. Still nice to see something bigger than a dink on the home place!

  3. Great looking deer, I'd give my left arm at this point to see a buck like that on my current property. You guys got it made down in the "heartland"!

  4. Mark, I know how you feel. I grew up hunting 100 lb. SE Georgia deer. We definitely have a lot of opportunities out here. Of course, you could do like I did and pack your things and move to the Heartland! It's the best decision I have ever made.

  5. I think about taking the plunge every day...we'll see...

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