The Picture is Worth a Million Words

Posted by Scott Mensing | Posted in | Posted on Monday, June 14, 2010

Over the past couple of years, Bo and I primarily used his handheld Sony HandyCam for all of our filming.  It worked great for what we needed and we learned A LOT with that little camera.  But since we've been fortunate enough to make the next step up into the filming industry with Midwest Whitetail, we needed to take the next step with our equipment.  

Late last week the man in the little brown truck dropped off a package that Bo and I had been eagerly awaiting - a Sony DSR-PD150 digital camcorder.  We studied and reviewed so many different camera manufacturers, models, styles, etc. before making this decision.....I was just glad we finally came to an agreement and bought the camera that met our needs the best - the Sony PD150. 

We have started messing around with the camcorder a little bit and it is easily going to take us all summer to get all of the settings and adjustments set and fully understood.  Just the smallest tweak on these cameras can make so much of a difference in the picture.  But hopefully by September 15, we will be experts with the PD150!  We are extremely excited to see how this camera is going to better our filming capabilities so make sure to check out our first Midwest Whitetail video for the Great Plains show, which should hopefully be uploaded sometime in August.  

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  1. Cool deal guys! I'm looking forward to checking that baby out in person!


  2. cant wait to see what it produces for you all! congrats! hope ya'll hada good trip!

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