Season Finale

Posted by Scott Mensing | Posted in , | Posted on Saturday, January 09, 2010

Tonight was the last time that I will be able to sit in a treestand with the stick and string for the 2009-2010 archery season. I had high hopes with the high pressure system moving in, cold temps, and little wind. Unfortunately, no deer decided to feed on the cut corn that I was sitting on. Once I got down, I realized why I was seeing more sign in the timber than the fields. There was easily 12-18 inches of snow in the fields and only 6-8 inches in the timber. It appears the deer are simply feeding on the browse in the timber rather than trying to paw around in the fields. Hopefully a good thaw is coming and most of this snow will disappear in time for shed hunting season. Here are a few pics from tonight's hunt.

It was a little cold...

A few other pics of the snow.

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