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Posted by Scott Mensing | Posted in , | Posted on Monday, January 18, 2010

On Friday afternoon, Bo and I were both lucky enough to be able to get off of work a couple of hours early to hit the woods one last time for this years archery season.  Before we even started walking into our stand at 2:30 there were all ready five does out in the cut bean field feeding.  While walking in, we had a close encounter with two does as a shed buck ended up chasing them within ten feet of Bo and I as we stood there.  Those three deer ended up kicking up another 10-15 deer, including one decent buck, that were all within 100 yards of where we stood.  All of those deer went to the south, which meant in two hours they would all be feeding back past us to the beans.  We couldn't have asked for a better situation.

But, just as has happened multiple times this season, what we thought would be a perfect season turned into a not so good of a night.  Bo and I were just about ready to split apart and walk to our stands when we saw three different groups of five or six deer come running past us from the south.  We both looked at each other confused when we noticed two trespassers walking from the direction of the deer.  These guys were "out lookin' for deer horns" (FYI deer don't have horns, they have antlers but thats another story).  But what they ended up doing was completely ruin our final night in the stand.  I ended up having a small doe come within 60 - 70 yards but no closer.

I ended the night with two unfilled tags in my pocket and I know Bo had a couple as well.  If those trespassers hadn't busted all of those deer, we were almost guaranteed to fill at least one or two tags that evening.  Unfortunately, things just didn't go our way.....

Here are a couple of pics from the evening.  The first is just after our close encounter with the does and shed buck as Bo got an arrow nocked and the second is of my frosty view from the stand.  Now I get a few weeks off before Cabela (my lab) and I start shed hunting.

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