Missouri Archery Turkey Hunt - A Short Video Teaser

Posted by Scott Mensing | Posted in , | Posted on Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I was able to put together a short version of the footage from Friday morning's Missouri turkey harvest last night.  Later in May, we plan on compiling all of our footage from our turkey hunts from this spring and put together a full length video of our turkey hunting experience from this spring. 

It seems that with more practice/experience with iMovie (Mac's video editing software), the films are becoming much easier and quicker to produce.  Depending on the footage, we may be able to start having two or three minute videos each week showing our hunts - which would be a great add to our blog.  Also, some time this week, the little brown truck should be dropping off a new Canon HV40 camcorder that is capable of filming in full 1080 HD.  I cannot imagine what our new videos will look like under full HD conditions, but hopefully we will be able to find out this weekend!

We hope you enjoy the video.  Please let us know what you like and what you don't....  We are always open to suggestions on how to make our films better for the viewers.  It can be tough seeing some of the small things when you have been looking at this footage for 5 - 10 hours...  Anyways, Bo and I are really happy with how the video turned out and we hope all of you are as well.

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  1. where is the calling sounds (Bo)....??? missed the gobbles as well...??

  2. As Scott said, this is a very short version of the video. These things take a bit of time to edit. When we're not so busy, we'll work on putting together a more full length version of all the videos. This was really just a sneak peak. We had a couple of hours of footage on this hunt alone.

    When I say "we", I really mean "Scott" as he is the one doing all of the actual editing. I just do the advising!

  3. When the bird is gobbling his head off, he's over 100 yards away and it's hard to pick up the audio of of a regular camera. You can see him gobble, but it's hard to hear it with out significantly increasing the volume of the audio directly next to the camera (Bo's calling). My editing capabilities are pretty low so this was the best I could do for now. Hopefully with the longer version I'll be able to cut up and separate the audio clips and try to present a better view of the show Bo and I got to see. Plus we had part of the blind in our way for a lot of it that was blocking the camera. We did not want to try to reposition and spook the bird since he was starring directly into our setup. Unfortunately, that turkey came in to the blind in exactly the wrong spot....

  4. Scott...how much do you charge? I've got hours of video to and don't have the time to go through it...any chance I can give you my video and you can edit it for me??? hahaha.

    Great stuff guys...I really enjoy your attention to detail...I usually don't get that specific with my videos but I should be!

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