'Tis the Season for Struttin' and Drummin'

Posted by Scott Mensing | Posted in , | Posted on Sunday, March 21, 2010

Only four more weeks until the opener for of the 2010 Missouri spring turkey hunting season.  Even though many hunters, such as ourselves, are just starting to dust off the bows from the late season, the birds are all ready getting ready for the action.  In the last few weeks we have started to see an increase in the number of toms strutting in the open fields, but I'd never been able to catch this on trail cam....until the last pull this morning.  It sure does get the blood pumping though in anticipation of the upcoming season...only four more weeks....

In addition to the long beards, we also caught a couple shed bucks that will hopefully stick around until next fall.  I really liked the second picture with the cardinal in full flight.  It really goes to show you just how quick the trigger speed is on the Bushnell Trophy Cams.

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  1. I call the tom in the middle! He's mine! :-)

  2. I will take the one on the left then. Sweet bunch you got there.

  3. Well while you two fight over those two, I'd be happy to fill both of my MO tags on any of the remaining toms in the bunch or one of the other couple dozen mature toms that call this property home.

  4. scooter, i got me a montana merriam on opening day up here. it was a sweet hunt on a brand new property on the boulder river. i was granted fishing rights and probably deer hunting rights come fall. of course i have to break my back around his farm and split wood among other things. cool blog overall. i'll try and send some pics down sometime.

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