Young 6 point shed

Posted by Bo Parker | Posted in , | Posted on Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Grumpy (my Dad), Scott, and I hit a couple of our hunting properties on February 20th to do a little shedding/post season scouting. The deer are really hitting the grain fields hard! We're hoping to leave a few acres of standing soybeans in our foodplots next year for some dynamite post season hunting. Grumpy was lucky enough to find his first Missouri shed after a few hours of walking. It is the right side off of a young (2.5 year old) 6 x 4 ten point. We're really happy to see that he made it through the season ok because he has the potential to be a stud by the time he reaches 4.5-5.5. Here's a few pictures of the shed and the buck. Nice first find, Grumpy!

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  1. I've seen that shed hunter down in Georgia???

  2. Very cool blog you got going on here Cyclone

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